The most expensive

Some of the scientists is very beautiful and poetically called mushrooms «breath of the earth.» They appear from nowhere and disappear just as suddenly. There is something magical in a variety of shapes, colors and flavors. Someone like mushrooms, the other person does not pull from the plate with marinated mushrooms and pickled milk mushrooms. And even poisonous bright red mushroom — a worthy object for the artist’s brush.

There amidst this infinite variety and its the only ones that stand out those or other features or characteristics or the price per kilogram. The record holder for the cost of the most expensive mushrooms — a truffle, belonging to the genus of fungi of the order of marsupials pezizales.

This valuable, most expensive delicacy is underground tuberous fleshy fruit forms, which can hardly be called mushrooms, because they are so dramatically different from conventional human notions about these gifts of the forest.

An interesting fact is that sometimes under the name of the road, this truffle sell other fungi that are similar in form fruiting bodies, jokingly referred to as a false delicacy.

An ordinary person is very difficult to distinguish edible «fake truffles» from this. For gourmets, fans of the most expensive mushroom, no such problems. They will know your pet in shape and color, taste and aroma.

The form of these fungi unusual — round or tuber, gristly consistence, sometimes fleshy. There are various sizes: from small, shaped like a walnut, until close to large potato tuber. Above each of the most expensive in the world has a leathery layer of mushrooms, it is rarely smooth, often crack, covered with so-called warts.

If you cut, the inner surface of this most expensive mushroom on the ground will be similar to the marble figures, consisting of light and dark streaks that have poetically called external and internal veins.

The most expensive

The most expensive

Favorite habitat of deciduous forest, birch, mountain ash, oak groves. Hawthorn bush, or hazel and not a hindrance. There is a division of the most expensive mushrooms in the summer and winter, depending on the time of collection. Also distinguish between white and black truffles. Another division is due to the location of distribution or cultivation, hence names like black truffle Russian, Italian (Piedmont), Perigord, China.

The most expensive mushroom so highly valued by gourmets not for their rarity or a strange look. First of all, lovers celebrate refined, rich taste and aftertaste, they talk about the characteristic of a very strong flavor, aftertaste of toasted walnuts or sunflower seeds. Keeping the water contributes to the appearance of the mushroom flavor of soy sauce, popular in Europe and Asia.

His most expensive of forest is found in Russia, however, only one species — the summer. Connoisseurs refer to it a little lightly. It is much more valuable to them are species of fungi living in Switzerland, northern Italy and southern France. There is almost their production on an industrial scale.

Interesting stories related to the search of truffles this unique taste and the most expensive cost of the fungus. The European gastronomy is used since the XV century. Then the hunters went out for mushrooms in the woods with the dogs or pigs, which are specifically coached to look for. The scent of these animals could quickly find potential habitat delicacies.

The second way to collect original — «Hunting Flies». Lovers of quiet hunting, living in the south of France, noticed that some flies lay their eggs near the underground tubers. Therefore, to find the most expensive mushrooms becomes very easy, we had to carefully look closely to the ground in search of insects swarming.

But mankind was not enough natural gifts, he wanted to tame this most expensive mushroom delicacy, so attempts planting truffle groves, some even with success. Currently, he continues to cultivate in Europe, the USA and even Australia with New Zealand.