Most expensive watch

Continuing the theme of my site, I would like to tell you about the most expensive watches. I try to describe more about those watches that are not only works of art but have a price in excess of a million dollars. And touch on the materials used in the manufacture of these copies.Most expensive watch

The most expensive watch in the world of Franck Muller Mega 4
Thus, the most expensive watches — is a model of Franck Muller Mega 4. Most importantly, these mechanical watches have a very complex mechanism, their body is made of pure white gold and the mechanism includes 1483 items. Hours perform 36 functions, which are displayed on the dial placed small arrows. The cost of the most expensive watch is 2.7 million dollars. For sale this instance only in New York or in Geneva.Most expensive watch

The most expensive watch in the world
Patek Philippe Reference 1527
Another one the most expensive watch in the world — is a brand Patek Philippe Reference 1527. This model is classic watches released in 1943, the body is made of pure gold, and do not forget about the gems of hours there — 23 pieces. The original owner of this watch was Stern family, which owned the brand Patek Philippe. In 2010, at auction, these watches were sold for 5.63 million dollars. This masterpiece is equipped with a perpetual calendar and moon phase indicator.Most expensive watch

Some of the most expensive watches in the world
Chopard 201 Carat
I would like to mention the most expensive watch, probably because of the amount of used precious stones. This watch — Chopard 201 Carat issued by the same company in 2008. This watch is so much covered with precious stones that their face is not very great. The most important attraction of the most expensive watches in the world — three large diamond shaped like a heart and having different colors — blue, red, white. The total weight of precious stones is 201 carats. The price of this attraction was — 25 million dollars. I think it will be interesting to know what the most expensive painting in the world, who is an artist and how much they are valued masterpieces.Most expensive watch

Most expensive watches
Jaeger-LeCoultre — Joaillerie Manchette
And of course, not to mention about the most expensive Swiss watches — Jaeger-LeCoultre — Joaillerie Manchette, valued at 26 million dollars. This model is the latest in a series of 101 Joaillerie, a manual winding mechanism. The watch strap is made entirely of white gold with diamond inserts 576, also includes 11 crystal onyx. The glass of the dial is made of sapphire glass.

Summing up, I want to note that the most expensive watch world, much greater than the cost of its most expensive phone and even a car, which I wrote on this site. It is worth noting that the most expensive watch in the world price, which ranges from 2 million to nearly 30 million dollars. The manufacturer who can claim the title of most expensive brand watches — Swiss brand Jaeger-LeCoultre.