Most expensive thing in the world

Quite a significant number of people are often trying to find different ways: what are the most expensive things in the world? However, the absolutely precise answer to this question is to not feasible, because of the title at various times «compete» huge number of objects. Some really succeeded, but only for a short period of time. This is due to the fact that the price of things — the concept is very unstable, besides the market is constantly changing, every year, month, day, create a completely unique things that take over the title of «most expensive thing in the world» with it to keep the title for a long time is very hard. However, you can at least try to identify what is it that things are worth the title of «world’s most expensive things in our time.» Please find such things belong to different categories.

The most expensive things in the world
1. The most expensive film ever made, is considered the «Avatar.» Its budget was $ 500 million, and charges his impressions made 2 billion 39 million dollars.

2. The most expensive things in the world of photo — Photo «Rhine II», made by photographer Andreas Gursky of Germany in 1999, which has acquired at auction at Christie’s in the US city of New York for 4.338 million dollars and a picture «Spiritual America» photographer Richard Prince, valued buyers in 3,973,000 dollars.

3. The most expensive in the world is a trademark of Coca-Cola. It was estimated at 70 million US dollars. It is worth considering that this figure is equal to 60% of the full price of the company.

4. The most expensive book in the world — the work of Leonardo da Vinci, known as «Leicester Code», which has acquired the founder of the company Microsoft — the richest man in the world, Bill Gates.

Most expensive thing in the world

Most expensive thing in the world

5. The most expensive hotel rooms — at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the UAE capital. «Budget» room of this hotel will cost the client almost 800 euros / day, while the maximum price for a room, which is called the «royal suite» of nearly 8,000 euros / day.

6. The variety of potato, which was launched in France called La Bonnotte, per kilogram which gourmets will have to part with five hundred euro; kind of coffee called Kopi Luwak, producing on about. Sumatra, and costs $ 75 for 1 pound, as well as mushrooms known as truffles and sold for 4000 euros per kilogram — is the most expensive things in the world related to food.

7. The most expensive children’s toy — a doll popular brand «Barbie», which can be purchased for 100 thousand euros. The secret of such value that the doll is dressed in a coat, decorated with real diamonds.

8. The most expensive things in the world of vehicles — a supercar Zenvo ST1, which cost 1.8 million dollars, Ferrari 599XX — exactly $ 2 million and unmatched Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Supersport, where the future owner will have to pay for it 2.6 million dollars.

9. The most expensive things in the world that people can put themselves — are women’s work shoes jeweler Stuart Weizman, decorated with 642 rubies, sold for 1.6 million euros; bra from the Red Hot fashion house Victoria’s Secret valued at 15 million US dollars, and the suit is used by astronauts US manufacturing at a cost of $ 9 million.

This list is not complete, because the modern market is changing rapidly, it is filled with new jewels, but described here are among the most striking examples.