Most expensive shoes for women

Today, in contrast to earlier times, footwear is no longer a remedy, but rather a means to maintain social status and aesthetic image. An integral part of any modern woman’s wardrobe is a pair of most expensive shoes for women. Their beauty and grace can complement any outfit and make the image more attractive. Some are able to be worn on the feet works of art, inlaid with precious stones and metals, and, at times, is truly a luxury product of design ideas. Some of them are even able to boast a rich history, which greatly raises the cost of these masterpieces.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our list of most expensive shoes for women around the world.

10th most expensive shoes for women
The first representative of our rating most expensive shoes for women — a couple of classic «boats» of the representatives of the New Zealand designer shop — Katherine Wilson (Katherine Wilson). Heeled shoes made of pure gold, studded with diamonds special cut, weighing a total of twenty-two carats, constitute a very quaint and interesting pattern. Should this small masterpiece as well as the previous exhibit, 500 thousand dollars, which is unlikely to be very large sum for such a beautiful specimen, consisting of more than two thousand diamonds, and created within 50 hours of design work. The shoes were designed specifically for the charity auction in 2013 in Auckland. The proceeds from the sale, were transferred to the account of the network of children’s hospitals.

Most expensive shoes for women

Most expensive shoes for women

9 th most expensive shoes for women
Rare most expensive shoes for women, who still wore Dorothy from «The Wizard of Oz» («Wizard of Oz»), made of ruby, took ninth place in our top. Silk shoes modified dressers «The Wizard», covered with red beads and decorated with a buckle with three glass ornaments. These shoes were released in seven copies, but to date have survived only four of them. One pair was sold in the year 2000 at an auction at Christie’s for an impressive amount of 666 thousand dollars. Another pair belonged to Judy Garland, a lady from Minnesota, but in the 2005’s was kidnapped. The third pair is in the display at the National Museum of History of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, and another was put up for auction with a starting price of two million dollars, but in the end did not get any bids.

8th most expensive shoes for women
The next step in our retro «boats» Retro Rose, made in the style of 40-ies of the last century, from the master, who will still be mentioned in our ranking — Stuart Weitzman. Made in silver, shoes equipped with a «T» -shaped strap, gilded heel and decorated with diamond rosettes 1,800 diamonds with a total weight of approximately 100 carats. This impressive number of gems easily justifies the cost of the fabulous models — about one million dollars. Each year, a new Hollywood star, chosen personally by Stuart Weizman, trying this pair of exclusive and luxurious slippers and impressive defile them on the red carpet event of a large-scale film industry — «Oscar.»

7th most expensive shoes for women
Light heels of that same Stuart Weitzman with a suitable name, «Marilyn Monroe», decorated most expensive shoes for women large and elegant satin rose covered with crystals by Swarovski. The name of these evening shoes is not accidental: crystals covering the rose, formerly decorated with catkins very Marilyn Monroe. For the first time the couple most expensive shoes for women was demonstrated by actress Regina King at the award ceremony «Oscar». Subsequently, these shoes were bought at auction for one million dollars.

6 th most expensive shoes for women
Gorgeous heeled sandals stiletto «Platinum Guild» («Platinum Guild») of this genius of the design — Stuart Weitzman, are equally phenomenal price — 1.09 million units of the US currency. Precious stones, which can also be removed and worn as usual ornaments, in the amount of 464 pieces of different forms and types, platinum coated straps these shoes. Actress Laura Harring was the first lady, who had the honor to wear these masterpieces to the ceremony «Oscar» in 2002.

5th most expensive shoes for women
Fifth place ranking of our most expensive shoes for women occupy the «Ruby Lace» is already familiar to us from Stuart Weitzman, created under the influence of «The Wizard of Oz.» Steering chic red atalasom decorated by a 642-uh oval and round rubies, total weight of almost 124 carats, shoes really resemble shoes Dorothy. This creature has a very solid value of 2 million cu. The first appearance of these most expensive shoes for women could take place in 2003 at the award ceremony «Oscar», but the actress Judy Garland, who was present sandals, decided not to wear them. Subsequently, they still appeared on the London exhibition.

Most expensive shoes for women

Most expensive shoes for women

4th most expensive shoes for women
Diamond sandals — most expensive shoes for women, decorated with Tanzanite, from Stuart Weitzman in tandem with Eddie Lee Vian, ranked fourth of our top. Twenty-eight carats of white diamonds and 185 — the stunning azure color of tanzanite is very clearly reflected in the cost of the shoes — two million dollars. The design resembles a slipper necklace dressed casually at the ankle instead of his neck. The first appearance of the couple was held in Las Vegas, in the 2008th year.

3rd most expensive shoes for women
Bronze medal in our ranking receive «Shoes for the Cinderella», which absorbed a huge amount of diamonds from the company Kwiat, a total of 595 carats. A single diamond carat estimated 5 has one million dollars. The first woman to try out these shoes became a singer Alison Krauss at the ceremony «Oscar». The author of the most expensive shoes for women is Stuart Weitzman, and its cost — 2 million cu.

2nd most expensive shoes for women
Silver shoes get «Rita Hayworth» from Stuart Weitzman, combining apparent simplicity, but at the same time elegance. Made with a dark chocolate color most expensive shoes for women, cool to the actress Rita Hayworth forties, earrings which crowned this creation. The first couple of examples of this actress Catherine York at the ceremony, «Oscar». The cost of a given pair of $ 3 million.

1st place most expensive shoes for women
Finally, the crown of our rating most expensive shoes for women — the ruby ​​shoes from the jewelry house «Harry Winston», is another version of Dorothy’s shoes from «The Wizard of Oz.» These shoes are designed to the fiftieth anniversary of the movie and had to be of a something magnificent corresponding tale. 4600 rubies, weighing 1,350 carats, together with a 50-carat diamond — this is truly a shoe worthy of a royal wardrobe. The most expensive shoes in the world are 3.2 million. Dollars.

As you can see, in this rating most expensive shoes for women gathered not only the most expensive but also the most beautiful shoes in the world. The next time your husband does not want you to buy new shoes, referring to their dorogioviznu show him any pair of this rating, and the issue will be removed.