Most expensive kitchen appliances

Diamonds — a girl’s best friend. However, other precious stones and crystals and gold will fit, too. But here’s the thing: many girls account for much of his free time to spend not on get-togethers, where brilliant throughout the place, and in the kitchen. What do you do indulge in a fine? Why, when there are so many glamorous most expensive kitchen appliances!

10 Swarovski-studded Toaster — most expensive kitchen appliances
A rare thing from designer Russell Hobbs — only 500 copies. Hot toast with a heat-heat from the toaster, decorated with Swarovski crystals. This pleasant kitchen appliance strewn with glittering stones — about two hundred rhinestones on the sides. Incidentally, this toaster is not only glamorous most expensive kitchen appliances, but also user-friendly: You can adjust the temperature of the frying bread, and in addition, there is a handy crumb tray and handle an emergency extraction of bread, any chance you have not calculated the temperature. You can be sure that this machine will not burn the bread. Beauty for just $ 300.

9 Nespresso Limited Edition Sparkle Essenza -most expensive kitchen appliances
What a morning toast amiss without a hot cup of fresh coffee? Tea in the kitchen — the same thing is necessary, as well as a toaster. And she, too, can be beautiful and beautiful. Choose one of the two models of Nespresso: one strewn with black crystals and the second — pink. But I have to hurry: the two models most expensive kitchen appliances produced in limited quantities. However, for a coffee maker will have to pay as much as a thousand dollars. But what a beauty!

8 Gold-Plated Capresso Coffee Center — most expensive kitchen appliances
Rhinestones — this is for you too serious? Then you should pay attention to a solid model from Capresso, coated with 24 carat gold. At the touch of a button you can prepare an espresso, cappuccino, latte and many other drinks her coffee. And here it is necessary to hurry to have time to buy one of the 555 copies. It should be removed from your bank account two thousand seven hundred ninety-nine dollars.

Most expensive kitchen appliances

Most expensive kitchen appliances

7. Swarovski-bedazzled Nespresso Coffee Maker -most expensive kitchen appliances. Or do you do for rhinestones, but the coffee machine needs more advanced and interesting? Then suitable solid machine from Nespresso, covered with rhinestones, like powdered sugar. Perhaps coffee from such a device most expensive kitchen appliances will be much tastier than the usual coffee maker. Must somehow affect the taste four thousand bucks, you lay out for it.

6. Gold-Plated Juicer — most expensive kitchen appliances.
Well, we figured out with coffee. We now turn to the fresh juice. Fruit or vegetable juice is a must for breakfast to anyone who prefers a healthy diet. And Juicer — a good opportunity to decorate the kitchen. Not all, of course. Squeezer by Gillian McKeith easy to deal with that, because it is covered with a layer of gold! Besides, it will provide a special mechanism for quick and easy juicing, and built-in cleaning system eliminates 95 percent pestetsidov from the surface of the fruit. Besides gold, the device is also decorated with pearls. In general, the perfect choice for anyone who has an extra fifteen hundred dollars.

5. BeefEater’s gold-plated Signature Series BBQ grill — most expensive kitchen appliances. That’s yeah! Compared with this piece of gold juicer seems child’s play. The whole plate barbecue entirely, except for the surface preparation was lowered into dvadtsatichetyrehkaratnoe gold. God forbid accidentally splash splendor is most expensive kitchen appliances sauce! It seems to cleaning and polishing his golden plate any hostess will spend much more time than the preparation of grilled meat.

4. Oz Diamond Edition Faucet -most expensive kitchen appliances.
The kitchen is a mandatory thing — a sink. Rinse and vegetables, and wash the dishes, and a lot more then. The idea of ​​the designer Nilo Gioacchini — how to decorate the kitchen faucet. Simply insert a few diamonds! To be precise — 282 diamonds weighing 10.24 carats. And diamonds should be worthy setting, in this case, white gold. The price of the most expensive kitchen appliances imagine scary. One thing is certain: do not trust his district plumbing installation.

3. Swarovski-Embedded Art Home Appliances by LG — most expensive kitchen appliances. Large kitchen appliances must also be beautiful. And not necessarily in gold: it would look too vulgar. Quite another matter if the technique is decorated with Swarovski crystals. And not randomly strewn with them: an interesting series most expensive kitchen appliances from LG Electronics is decorated with flowers. Floral ornaments famous Korean painter Seung-rim Ha lined with rhinestones. Very elegant and beautiful. It is a pity that neither the price nor the number of patterns is not a word.

2. Diamond Studded Fridge by LG — most expensive kitchen appliances.
If you say that the most valuable thing in your house — the fridge, then you probably will not understand and consider the terrible glutton. Another thing, if you specify that it is a refrigerator from LG. Unfortunately, this is a luxurious location for food is only available in the Taiwan market. They were lucky! Because at first glance tri fridge most expensive kitchen appliances looks quite normal: the ice making section and a liquid crystal panel with the information no one is surprised. But if you look closely … Pens and logo on the refrigerator covered with Swarovski crystals and diamonds. The cost of this wonderful refrigerator pleasant peach-colored — three thousand nine hundred dollars. A good way to invest money. A refrigerator of the house is not so easy to steal, than stored in a box earrings and pendants with precious stones.

1.Gorenje Swarovski Studded Refrigerator — most expensive kitchen appliances.
The company Gorenje Tochlit also necessary to diversify its range of refrigerators glamorous instance. Their refrigerator without diamonds, it «only» seven thousand expensive shining Swarovski crystals. However, made in stylish black color and elegant — for the refrigerator — form, it looks even better than the diamond refrigerator LG.

If you are not blinded by the radiance of the kitchen, take a look at a couple of things to the kitchen appliances do not belong

Casserole with diamonds and gold pens
In the glamorous kitchen and utensils must be properly. Saucepan from Fissler is heavier than your usual aluminum, and all because of the weighty gold handles and two hundred other than diamonds. In such permitted to prepare only the most expensive and delicious food at the most expensive kitchen appliances.

Corkscrew in rhinestones.
And drink the wine for which studded with Swarovski crystals in store tailspin. It will be a lunch for about a hundred thousand dollars … That’s when you really feel richer.

Dazzling kitchen
And what about the kitchen to turn into a shining wealth? Project INO Meuble Crystal kitchen is precisely the idea. Diamonds and Swarovski crystals covered all surfaces of kitchen furniture. I doubt that among such grandeur any housewife still remembers that she was going to cook dinner on the most expensive kitchen appliances … And to crown it all the glamor of a madman — a chair Chinese Bell Flower chair from designer Masonuri Umeda, also covered crystals. Only on this chair you can sit down, if you suddenly dizzy from the surrounding lights, glitz and glamor. India most expensive hotel